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lity product setting standards in its class.

Technical Data BLIZZARD 1230-IV Turbo Board:
  • High Performance Accelerator Board for the AMIGA 1200, with 50 MHz68030 Processor with MMU for performance increases between 400 and 500%
  • A 72-pin SIMM socket allows easy memory upgrades by use of standard 32bit SIMMS up to 128 Mbyte (up to 256 MByte with the BLIZZARD SCSI-Kit IV)
  • Autoconfiguring memory and optional MAPROM function for copying theoperating system into the fast memory
  • A very fast memory design allows high memory performance resulting inexcellent overall system performance and significantly acceleratedgraphics
  • Socket provided for Maths Co-processor 68882 with 50 MHz clock rate
  • A DMA expansion connector allows upgrading of the BLIZZARD 1230-IVwith expansion modules such as the BLIZZARD SCSI-Kit IV
  • Asynchronous design for full genlock compatibility
  • 68030 may be disabled with a simple keystroke on boot up to enableA1200 to revert to 68020 mode allowing full game compatibility
  • Battery backed, self-recharging clock with calendar
  • Fits easily into the Trapdoor Expansion slot in the base of your AMIGA1200
  • Does not invalidate On-Site Warranty
  • Highest quality of manufacturing incorporating latest SMD technology
  • Made in Germany with a 12 months parts and labour Warranty

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