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[I]Nuovo sistema operativo Amiga 3.5 su CD Rom per A1200HD / A3000 Tower /A4000 / A4000 Tower , Inglese / Tedesco. Necessita le Rom aggiornate allaversione 3.1 ( Non comprese nella confezione )[E]Benefits of the new AmigaOS 3.5

  • Easy Internet Access
  • Support for Hard disks > 4GB
  • Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Extensive CD-ROM support
  • Support for current printers
  • PowerPC support
  • HTML Online Documentation
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enhancements


TCP/IP Stack

  • Support for Internet and Ethernet
  • Easy to setup the connection to your provider within minutes(automatic configuration utility that detects IP addresses, netmasks, DNSservers, dial script and all other required information by itself)
  • Support for multiple configuration files, e.g. for multiple Internetproviders
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack with built-in PPP, SLIP, INetD,SANA-II and usergroup support
  • Comprehensive PPP implementation with support for PAP and CHAP
  • Latest Socks v4/5 client module for firewalls
  • Enhanced SANA II support for fast transfer rates
  • SANA-II R3 support for newer Ethernet drivers (comes with a set ofoptimized MNI Ethernet drivers for all Amiga Zorro-II Ethernet boards thatprovide faster data transfer than ordinary SANA-II drivers)
  • Supports analog modem lines, ISDN boards, ISDN TAs, PPP, SLIP, Slirp,TIA, ADSL, cable modems, Ethernet LANs, Arcnet LANs, parallel links andseveral other types of connections (includes comprehensive modem and ISDNdatabase)
  • Support for DHCP and BootP (important for ADSL and cable modems)
  • Option for automatic hang-up on inactivity, and option to prevent theISP from hanging up on inactivity
  • Dynamic DNS cache for faster web browsing
  • Built-in fingerd, identd and inet-handler
  • Compatible with bsdsocket.library V4
  • OS 3.5 GUI style

WWW Browser with Offline/Online support

  • Browsing the OS 3.5 documentation and the Internet

New Cross-Application E-mail Library

  • General API for sending and receiving of E-mails

New E-Mail Client

  • Based on the E-mail library



  • New standard for 64 Bit Devices
  • Updated Info, Format, Diskcopy and FastFileSystem

New HDToolBox

  • The low-level library processes the following tasks
  • Scanning the SCSI bus
  • Read the physical information of the hard disk
  • Read/write the logical information (RDB)
  • Create Mount files
  • Read special Mount entries to restore the RDB
  • HDToolBox application that uses the low-level library
  • New GUI style


New Icon Set (Glow Icons)

  • New complete icon set for all system tools
  • New icons for most applications

New Icon Library

  • Icons with up to 256 colors
  • Automatic color adaptation
  • NewIcon compatible
  • Compatible to OS 3.1 icons
  • New API functionality
  • Faster and more robust

New BOOPSI Library

  • New complete set of powerful BOOPSI gadgets
  • Very fast, modular and scalable
  • AmigaOS compatible implementation
  • Compatible to existing BOOPSI classes

New Resource Library

  • Loads and manages all GUI resources
  • Change the GUI without recompilation of the application
  • Can be used with any programming language

New GUI editor for developers

  • WYSIWYG GUI editor
  • Creates resource files that are used by the new resource library
  • Automatic localization of the application

Updated and enhanced Workbench

  • More responsive user interface
  • Progress requester for copy/delete
  • Enhanced information requester
  • Smart display update
  • New keyboard control functionality
  • New API functionality



  • ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet (Win 95/98) and MAC HFS compatible
  • Supports Amiga protection bit and file comments
  • MultiSession CD-ROM support

New Play CD

  • (programmable) Audio player for SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives
  • Low memory consumption

New CDFSPrefs

  • CacheCDFS preferences for 'on the fly' configuration


New Printer Device

  • Drivers for all common printers
  • PowerPC support
  • New functions to print all kinds of bitmaps
  • New API to define page size and page break correctly
  • Support for 24 bit Picasso96 DumpRastPort command
  • TurboPrint compatible functions to print 8 Bit chunky and 16/24 bitbitmaps

New Printer Preferences

  • Updated for new GUI style


New WarpUP PowerPC Support

  • AmigaOS compatible integration
  • Extensive functionality
  • Hardware independent driver system, easy to extend

    New Preferences

    • Updated for new GUI style


    New Comprehensive Instructions

    • Reworked documentation for Workbench, DOS, ARexx and Harddisk
    • Completion of all the new features of AmigaOS 3.5
    • Extensive illustrations
    • Bilingual English/German


    • Corrections to improve overall robustness and to fix long standingbugs
    • Reworked A2024 monitor driver
    • Reworked CLI command (Join, Status, Type)
    • Reworked IPrefs command (more robust, better Workbench patternsupport)
    • Reworked LoadWB


    • Updated asl.library (more responsive, faster, enhanced user interface,more robust)
    • Updated DataTypes
      • 8svx.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; faster and morerobust)
      • amigaguide.datatype / amigaguide.library (faster, new APIfunctionality)
      • anim.datatype (now supports all major IFF-ANIM formats; more robust)
      • animation.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust;new API functionality; RTG compatible)
      • ascii.datatype (faster and more robust)
      • cdxl.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust)
      • ilbm.datatype (now supports true color pictures; more robust)
      • picture.datatype (now supports true color pictures, dithering andcolor quantization; more robust, new API functionality; RTG compatible)
      • sound.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust, newAPI functionality)
      • text.datatype (faster and more robust)
    • New DataTypes for GIF, JPEG, PNG and AIFF file format
    • Updated 68040.library (performance improvements)
    • Updated bullet.library (performance improvements)
    • New SCSI Mount tool


    • Further releases or Add-On packages
    • New reworked and extended Kickstart
    • Extended PowerPC support
    • New 68K Emulator for PPC-only systems
    • Many new System Libraries as PPC-native

    Amiga OS 3.5 System Requirements

    In order to upgrade your Amiga system to OS 3.5, it must be equipped withthe following hardware:

    • CD-ROM drive
    • Hard drive
    • 68020 or higher processor
    • Amiga 3.1 ROMs
    • 4 MB Fast RAM

    For better performance, Amiga Inc. recommends:

    • 68030 or higher processor
    • 8 MB Fast RAM
    • Graphics accelerator and/or scandoubler
    • Modem

    To take full advantage of OS 3.5 we also recommend you add the following:

    • 68060 processor with PowerPC accelerator card
    • 16-bit sound card
    • 32 MB Fast RAM
    • I/O Accelerator

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