Tron Evolution

Tron Evolution

per Playstation 3 - Walt Disney Studios

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Developer Kit
  • The RKM 2.04 code examples
  • The complete set of registered IFF forms
  • IFF example and stress test files
  • All IFF packages released by Commodore-Amiga, Inc., covering 1986 through 1992
  • The camd v37.1 MIDI developer kit
  • The SANA-II standard package and developer kit
  • The Installer v43.1 package
  • International support material:
    • Sample text using the full ISO-8859-1 character set
    • Translation guidelines
  • The updated 3.1 Native Developer Kit:
    • 'C' and assembly language header files, linker and runtimelibraries
    • System documentation and tutorial texts
    • Example code covering the AmigaOS 3.0 and 3.1 features
    • The NewIFF v39 package
    • The AmigaGuide and DataTypes documentation and example code
  • Reference material:
    • The collection of AmigaMail Volume 1 articles, covering Spring 1987 through January/February 1989
    • The complete AmigaMail Volume 2 articles in AmigaGuide format, covering January/February 1990 through March/April 1993; also included are the printable issues in PostScript and PageStream format.
    • Hardware related articles
    • The Includes and Autodocs in AmigaGuide format.
  • Please note that you will still need a 'C' compiler or assembler, etc.todevelop software for Amiga computers, none of which is included on thisCD.