Scatena La Festa - Vinca Il Migliore

Scatena La Festa - Vinca Il Migliore

per Nintendo Wii - Ubisoft

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  • € 29.99
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Dettagli del prodotto


inexcellent overall system performance and significantly acceleratedgraphics
  • An DMA expansion connector allows upgrading of the BLIZZARD 1240T/ERCwith expansion modules such as the BLIZZARD SCSI-Kit IV
  • Asynchronousdesign for full genlock compatibility, 68040 may be disabled with a simplekeystroke on boot up to enable A1200 to revert to 68020 mode allowing fullgame compatibility
  • Battery backed,self-recharging clock with calendar Highest quality ofmanufacturing incorporating latest SMD technology Made in Germany with a12 months parts and labour Warranty.
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