MICROSOFT X360 60 GB Live Starter Pack

    MICROSOFT X360 60 GB Live Starter Pack

    per Accessori Console e Pc - Microsoft

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    • Titolo: MICROSOFT X360 60 GB Live Starter Pack
    • Ean: 882224760027
    • Piattaforma: Accessori Console e Pc
    • Genere: Pack
    • Publisher: Microsoft
    • Categoria: Pack Con Hard Drive 60 GB + Cuffie/Mic. +Live



    Aminet CD 10 - 2/96

    Aminet is the worlds largest collection of freely distributable Amiga software. Up to 10,000 users access the vast archives daily, and countlessprogrammers publish initially via Aminet . Only three years after itsinception, Aminet now holds the equivalent of more than 7,000 floppydisks of software.

    Aminet CD 10, dated February 1996, contains more than 1 gigabyte(uncompressed) of software in thousands of archives. Since the release ofAminet CD 9 more than 500 MB new software has appeared. The currentedition has a special focus on fonts. More than 1,000 high-quality fontswere included.

    Although you own this disc, you do not own all of the programs containedon it. Many of the included programs are shareware, and you are encouragedto pay and register for their use.

    Amiga is a registred trademark of ESCOM AG.


    Dir. Size Files Contents (subject to change)
    biz 25 MB 45 Business software
    comm 54 MB 268 Communications
    demo 25 MB 29 Graphics & sound demos
    dev 27 MB 97 Development software
    disk 5 MB 33 Disk & HD tools
    docs 12 MB 56 Documents
    game 111 MB 123 Games
    gfx 52 MB 93 Graphics software
    hard 1 MB 23 Hardware related
    misc 18 MB 61 Miscellaneous
    mods 228 MB 710 Music modules
    mus 5 MB 27 Music software
    pix 54 MB 108 Pictures
    text 10 MB 37 Text software
    util 43 MB 281 Utilities