Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

per Nintendo DS - Disney Interactive

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This CD contains almost one thousand games and utility programs. Bestof all: the majority of the games can be run directly from the CD witha double-click! No more tedious unpacking, no more long delays, and nomore manipulation with obtuse shell commands. Discover the fascinationof these games.

At can at last recycle your game floppies and jettison the balast ofgames occupying your hard disk; because this CD probably contains allthe games you'd ever wanted to play. Everything to your heart's desire,from the classics, to innovations of the producers of games can befound here.

This CD contains, amongst others:

  • Fast Jump'n'Run and action-packed Shoot'em Up's
  • Demo versions of commercial games
  • Classic games of strategy and puzzles
  • Fascinating board and card games
  • Gripping adventure and role-playing games, and associated tools
  • Workbench games
  • and editor, additional levels, solutions, help information, tips, tricks, patches, source code, gags and much more ...

Everybody will find something to suit. The right game for any situation,either you matching your wits against the computer, or for playing withseveral friends.

The hundreds of megabytes on this CD contain over 600 directly-startablegames and utilities categorised by theme, along with diskimages and archive files which can be readily unpacked by simpledouble-clicking, to disk or RAM. As such, this CD represents ahighlight of the games industry; no prior knowledge is required aseverything needed is on the CD. Should you have any questions, you'llfind the answers in explanatory text for the games throughout this CD.

Look, play and enjoy ...

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