The Smiths. You've Got Everything Now

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  • Ean: 0807297051391
  • Supporto: Dvd
  • Produttore: Audioglobe
  • Genere: Musica
  • Colori: Colori
  • Anno di produzione: 2011
  • Area: Area 2 (Europa/Giappone)
  • Sottotitoli: no
  • Sistema: PAL


Tracklist: This Charming Man; Handsome Devil; This Charming Man #2; Reel Around The Fountain; What Difference Does It Make? ; Hand In Glove; These Things Take Time; You've Got Everything Now; Hand In Glove #2; Still Ill; Barbarism Begins At Home; William, It Was Really Nothing; Morrissey in Manchester (Documentary) ; Nowhere Fast; The Boy With The Thorn In His Side; Hand In Glove #3; Bigmouth Strikes Again; Vicar In A Tutu; There Is A Light That Never Goes Out; Panic.

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