Rush. Snakes and Arrows (3 Dvd)

    Rush. Snakes and Arrows (3 Dvd)

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    • Ean: 5034504972575
    • Supporto: Dvd
    • Numero dischi: 3
    • Produttore: Edel
    • Genere: Musica
    • Lingue: Inglese
    • Colori: Colori
    • Anno di produzione: 2007
    • Area: Area 0 (All)
    • Durata: 222'
    • Sottotitoli: no
    • Formato Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
    • Sistema: PAL


    Contiene la registrazione del concerto di Amsterdam, 2007. Tracklist: Limelight; Digital Man; Entre Nous; Mission; Freewill; The Main Monkey Business; The Larger Bowl; Secret Touch; Circumstances; Between The Wheels; Dreamline; Far Cry; Workin' Them Angels; Armor And Sword; Spindrift; The Way The Wind Blows; Subdivisions; Natural Science; Witch Hunt; Malignant Narcissism / De Slagwerker; Hope; Distant Early Warning; The Spirit Of Radio; Tom Sawyer; One Little Victory; A Passage To Bangkok; YYZ; Oh Atlanta!; The Authorized Bootlegs: Ghost Of A Chance; Red Barchetta; The Trees; 2112.