The Meteors. Attack Of The Chainsaw Mutants. Hell In The Pacific

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Dettagli del prodotto

  • Ean: 5013929924857
  • Supporto: Dvd
  • Produttore: Goodfellas
  • Genere: Musica
  • Attori: The Meteors
  • Colori: Colori
  • Anno di produzione: 2004
  • Area: Area 0 (All)
  • Durata: 100'
  • Sottotitoli: no
  • Sistema: PAL


Tracklist: Attack Of The Chainsaw Mutants: When A Stranger Calls; Get Off My Cloud; Sweet Love On My Mind; Mutant Rock; Rattlesnakin' Daddy; Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit; Maniac; Wildcat Ways; I Don't Worry About It; Go Buddy Go; Rawhide; Please Don't Touch; Chainsaw Boogie. Tracklist Hell In The Pacific: Halloween Scream; Hell Aint Hot Enough; Maniac; Fire Fire; Death Dance/ Maniac Rockers From Hell; Night Of The Werewolf; Chainsaw Boogie; Domino; Insane; Lil Red Riding Hood; Blue Sunshine; Fuck Off/The Crazed; The Hills Have Eyes; Get Offa My Cloud; Wrecking Crew; Rawhide; Madman Roll.

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