Kylie Minogue. Greatest Hits. The Videos. 1987 - 1997

    Kylie Minogue. Greatest Hits. The Videos. 1987 - 1997

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    Dettagli del prodotto

    • Ean: 0828765396899
    • Supporto: Dvd
    • Produttore: Sony Music
    • Genere: Musica
    • Contenuti extra: discografie, foto, interviste
    • Colori: Colori
    • Anno di produzione: 2002
    • Area: Area 2 (Europa/Giappone)
    • Sottotitoli: no
    • Sistema: PAL


    Contiene venti videoclip per percorrere i dieci anni di carriera di Kaylie Minogue: I should be so lucky, The Loco motion, Hand on your heart, Got to be certain, Better the devil you know, Wouldn't change a thing, Celebration, Never too late, What do I have to do?, Je ne sais pas pourquoi, Step back in time, Especially for you (duet with Jason Donovan), Shocked, Word is out, Made in Heaven, What kind of fool?, Give me just a little more time, Finer feelings, If you were with me now (duet with Keith Washington), Tears on my Pillow.