Ignite. Our Darkest Days Live

    Ignite. Our Darkest Days Live

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    • Ean: 5051099783478
    • Supporto: Dvd
    • Produttore: Universal Music
    • Genere: Musica
    • Colori: Colori
    • Anno di produzione: 2012
    • Area: Area 0 (All)
    • Durata: 68'
    • Sottotitoli: no
    • Sistema: PAL


    Registrato a fine 2008. Tracklist: Intro; Bleeding; Fear Is Our Tradition; Who Sold Out Now; A Place Called Home; My Judgement Day; Run; Are You Listening; Let It Burn; Bullets Included, No Thought Required; Know Your History; By My Side; Ash Return; In My Time; Embrace; Burned Up; Poverty For All; Sunday Bloody Sunday; Slowdown; Live For Better Days; Veteran; Bonus Material (::); Making Of "Our Darkest Days"; Bleeding (Video); Making Of "Bleeding"; My Judgement Day (Video).