Crowded House. Dreaming. The Videos

    Crowded House. Dreaming. The Videos

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    • Ean: 0724349014893
    • Supporto: Dvd
    • Produttore: Emi Music
    • Genere: Musica
    • Colori: Colori
    • Area: Area 2 (Europa/Giappone)
    • Durata: 106'
    • Sottotitoli: no
    • Sistema: PAL


    Raccoglie tutti i video promozionali originali della prima fase della loro carriera (1985-1996): Mean To Me; Now We're Getting Somewhere; Don't Dream It's Over; Something So Strong; World Where You Live; Better Be Home Soon; Sister Madly (Live At The State Theatre); When You Come; Into Temptation; I Feel Possessed; It's Only Natural; Chocolate Cake; Fall At Your Feet; Weather With You; Four Seasons In One Day; Distant Sun; Nails In My Feet; Locked Out; Private Universe; Not The Girl You Think You Are; Everything Is Good For You.