Carcass. Wake Up And Smell The Carcass

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  • Ean: 5055006524765
  • Supporto: Dvd
  • Produttore: Audioglobe
  • Genere: Musica
  • Attori: Carcass
  • Colori: Colori
  • Anno di produzione: 2001
  • Area: Area 0 (All)
  • Durata: 108'
  • Sottotitoli: no
  • Sistema: PAL


Live at London Astoria 18.04.92 (Gods of Grind Tour). Tracklist: Inpropagation; Corporal Jigsore Quandary; Reek of Putrefaction; Pedigree Butchery; Incarnated Solvent Abuse; Carneous Cacoffiny; Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition; Exhume to Consume; Tools of the Trade; Ruptured in Purulence. Live at Nottingham Rock City 14.11.89 (Grindcrusher Tour). Tracklist: Genital Grinder II; Exhume to Consume; Excoriating Abdominal Emanation; Ruptured in Purulence; Empathological Necroticism; Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment; Reek of Putrefaction. Promo videos: Heartwork; Corporal Jigsore Quandary; Keep on Rotting in the Free World; Incarnated Solvent Abuse; No Love Lost.