The platinum collection

    The platinum collection

    di Genesis

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    No Son Of Mine
    I Can't Dance
    Jesus He Knows Me
    Hold On My Heart
    Invisible Touch
    Throwing It All Away
    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Edited Version)
    Land Of Confusion
    In Too Deep
    That's All
    Home By The Sea
    Second Home By The Sea
    Illegal Alien (2004 Remix)
    Paperlate (2004 Remix)
    Calling All Stations
    Abacab (2004 Remix)
    Keep It Dark (2004 Remix)
    Turn It On Again (2004 Remix)
    Behind The Lines (1994 Digital Remaster)
    Duchess (2004 Remix)
    Misunderstanding (2004 Remix)
    Many Too Many (2004 Remix)
    Follow You Follow Me (2004 Remix)
    Undertow (2004 Remix)
    In That Quiet Earth (2004 Remix)
    Afterglow (2004 Remix)
    Your Own Special Way (1994 Digital Remaster)
    A Trick Of The Tail (2004 Remix)
    Ripples (2004 Remix)
    Los Endos (2004 Remix)
    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (2004 Remix)
    Counting Out Time (2004 Remix)
    Carpet Crawlers
    Firth Of Fifth (2004 Remix)
    The Cinema Show (2004 Remix)
    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (2004 Remix)
    Supper's Ready (1994 Digital Remaster)
    The Musical Box (2004 Remix)
    The Knife (2004 Remix)

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