The bruised romantic glee club

    The bruised romantic glee club

    di Jakszyk M. Jakko

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    CD 1
    1. The Bruised Romantic Glee Club
    2. Variations On A Theme By Holst
    3. Catley's Ashes
    4. When Peggy Came Home
    5. Highgate Hill
    6. Forgiving
    7. No One Left To Lie To
    8. The Things We Throw Away
    9. Doxy Dali And Duchamp
    10. Srebrenica
    11. When We Go Home
    CD 2
    1. As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
    2. That Still And Perfect Summer
    3. Astral Projection In Pinner
    4. Pictures Of An Indian City
    5. Nirvana For Mice
    6. Islands
    7. The Citizen King
    8. Soon After

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