Ten freedom summers

    Ten freedom summers

    di Smith Wadada Leo

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    1 Dred scott: 1857
    2 Malik al shabazz and the people of the shahada
    3 Emmett till: defiant, fearless
    4 Thurgood marshall and brown vs. board of education: a dream
    5 John f. kennedy''s new frontier and the space age, 1960


    1 Rosa parks and the montgomery bus boycott, 381days
    2 Black church
    3 Freedom summer: voter registration, acts of compassion & emp
    4 Lyndon b. johnson''s great society & the civil rights act of


    1 The freedom riders ride
    2 Medgar evers: a love-voice of a thousand years'' journey for
    3 The d.c. wall: a war memorial for all times
    4 Buzzsaw: the myth of a free press
    5 The little rock nine: a force for desegregation in education


    1 Merica, parts 1, 2 & 3
    2 September 11th, 2001: a memorial
    3 Fannie lou hamer and the mississippi freedom democratic part
    4 Democracy
    5 Martin luther king, jr.: memphis, the prophecy

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