Stompers, floaters and floorshakers-the northern soul

di Various Artists

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1 I spy (For the FBI)
2 Alvin's Boo-Go-Loo
3 The duck
4 That's my girl
5 Just another heartache
6 Getting mighty crowded
7 I'd think if over twice (If I were you)
8 You hit me like TNT
9 Girls are out to get you
10 Nothing can stop me
11 Do the 45
12 I keep tryin'
13 The power of love
14 Being without you
15 One man's poison
16 I hurt on the other side
17 Wait til I get to know you
18 Your wish is my command
19 Don't turn your back on me
20 Sad feeling
21 I'm a fool, I must love you
22 That other place
23 You better think again
24 Nothing's worse than being alone
25 You're the dream


1 Lonely for you, baby
2 Breakaway
3 Let the music play
4 You're gonna need me
5 I love you always
6 You'll always be in style
7 Double life
8 Don't let me down
9 Spring song (New girl)
10 Running for my life
11 The wrong girl
12 Who is she?
13 Come on train
14 Baby, what's happened to our love?
15 Why don't you write?
16 My man don't think I know
17 Hold on
18 But I couldn't
19 I've got the feeling
20 Don't you worry
21 Even the score
22 Don't leave me
23 I testify
24 Who you gonna love?
25 Sweet and easy

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