M.i.a.m.i. (spec.europe edt.)

di Pitbull Feat.Lil Jo

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1. 305 anthem (feat. Lil Jon)
2. Culo (feat. Lil Jon)
3. She's freaky
4. Shake it up (feat. Oobie)
5. Toma (feat. Lil Jon)
6. I wonder (feat. Oobie)
7. Get on the floor (feat. Oobie)
8. Dirty (feat. Bun B)
9. Dammit man (feat. Piccallo)
10. We don't care bout ya (feat. Cubo)
11. That's nasty (feat. Lil Jon and Fat Joe)
12. Back up
13. Melting pot (feat. Trick Daddy)
14. Hustler's withdrawal
15. Hurry up and wait
16. Culo Miami mix (feat. Mr. Vegas and Lil Jon)

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