di Frankie Goes to Hollywood

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Disc 1
1.Warriors of the Wasteland
2.Rage Hard
3.Kill The Pain
4.Maximum Joy
5.Watching the Wildlife
6.Lunar Bay
7.For Heaven's Sake
8.Is Anybody Out There?
11.Pocket Vibrator monitor mix / Sarm sessions / October 1986
12.Suffragette City
13.Roadhouse Blues
14.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction monitor mix / Sarm sessions / May1986 / voiceless
15.(Don't Lose What's Left) of Your Little Mind
16.Rage Hard (voiceless)
Disc 2
1.Rage Hard
2.Warriors of the Wasteland
3.Warriors Cassetted featuring highlights from both the 7" and 12" single, Warriors of the Wasteland, the Twelve Wild Disciples mix and a Phenomenon of Megabytes
4.Drum Loop monitor mix / Wisseloord sessions / November 1985
5.F*** Off monitor mix / Wisseloord sessions / November 1985
6.Wildlife Cassetted (for a wilder time) featuring Orchestra Wildlife, Watching the Wildlife; hotter, The Waves, Bit 1, Bit 2 and The Frankie Condom Mix
7.Our Silver Turns To Gold
8.Delirious monitor mix / Ibiza sessions / May 1985
10.For Heaven's Sake

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