Gold-the very best

    Gold-the very best

    di Barry White

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    Disco 1
    1. Love's theme
    2. I'm gonna love you just a little bit more baby
    3. I've got so much to give
    4. Never never gonna give ya up
    5. Honey please can't you see
    6. Can't get enough of your love babe
    7. You're the first the last my everything
    8. Satin soul
    9. What am I gonna do with you?
    10. I'll do for you anything you want me to
    11. Let the music play
    12. You see the trouble with me
    13. Baby we better try to get it together
    14. Walking in the rain (with the one I love)
    15. It may be winter outside (but in my heart it's spring)

    Disco 2
    1. My sweet summer suite
    2. Don't make me wait too long
    3. I'm qualified to satisfy you
    4. It's ecstacy when you lay down next to me
    5. Oh what a night for dancing
    6. Playing your game, baby
    7. Just the way you are
    8. It's only love doing it's thing
    9. Sha la la means I love you
    10. Beware
    11. Change
    12. Sho' you right
    13. Practice what you preach
    14. I only want to be with you