Fuzzy warbles vol.6

    Fuzzy warbles vol.6

    di Andy Partridge

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    1. The Laugh Track
    2. The Stinking Rich Song
    3. I Can't Tell What Truth Is Anymore
    4. Candle Dance
    5. The Tiny Circus Of Life
    6. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
    7. In My Hand
    8. Difficult Age
    9. Pink Thing
    10. Shaking Skin House
    11. Bike Ride To The Moon
    12. My Love Explodes
    13. Omnibus
    14. Across The Antheap (Skylarking Demo)
    15. Across This Antheap (Oranges & Lemons Demo)
    16. Human Alchemy
    17. Moonlit Drive
    18. Prince Of Orange
    19. End Of The Pier

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