The Shadows. The Final Tour (Blu-ray)

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Dettagli del prodotto

  • Ean: 5051300505974
  • Supporto: Blu-ray
  • Produttore: Edel
  • Genere: Musica
  • Attori: The Shadows
  • Colori: Colori
  • Anno di produzione: 2004
  • Area: Area B (Europa, Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Africa)
  • Durata: 180'
  • Sottotitoli: no
  • Sistema: Full HD


Tracklist: Apache Intro; Riders In The Sky; The Frightened City; Theme For Young Lovers; Peace Pipe; The Savage; Let Me Be The One; The Stranger; Kon-Tiki; Going Home; Dance On; Nivram; Lady Of The Morning; My Home Town; Guitar Tango; Geronimo; Sleepwalk: 36-24-36; Shazam; Don't Cry For Me Argentina; Equinoxe V; Mountains Of The Moon; Shadoogie; Gonzales; Don't Make My Baby Blue; The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt; Atlantis; Shindig; Man Of Mystery; Foot Tapper; Please Don't Tease; In The Country; I Could Easily Fall; The Day I Met Marie; Gee Whiz It's You; Summer Holiday; Bachelor Boy; Little B; Theme From The Deer Hunter; Wonderful Land; FBI; Apache.