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Iron Sharpens Iron: Wisdom of the Ages

    Iron Sharpens Iron: Wisdom of the Ages

    di Errick A. Ford

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    It is said that as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Author Errick Ford proves to do just that with the inspirational and engaging Iron Sharpens Iron. From Benjamin Franklin to Uncle Julius and many other great minds of the ages, Errick has created a book that brings together some of the most profound and useful excerpts from throughout human times. You will love the collection he has put together. There are the dos and the don'ts, the always and the nevers. You will find after reading this book that some of the thoughts will become a part of your own philosophy concerning life. This is real life speaking to real life; iron sharpens iron. You will find several items in this book that will remain with you the rest of your life. Keep it near you; read it often. Errick currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He fully believes that one man can be sharpened in many ways by another, which is his inspiration for this book.

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